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What Is Included on a Pay Stub?

What Is Included on a Pay Stub?

A paystub is a short document that shows your salary and other earnings, deductions, and net pay. It’s proof of payment for services rendered.

Who Needs A Paystub?

A pay stub is an important document to have if you’re an employee or contractor. It’s a record of all the money you’ve earned and how much tax has been withheld from that income. You should receive one every month, or whenever you get paid, so you can keep track of your finances.

What Should Be Included on a Pay Stub?

The most important information on your pay stub is the amount of money you earned and the taxes taken out of that money. In addition to these two pieces of data:

  • Name of employer and address
  • Employee’s name and social security number
  • Date of issuance (or date in which the information was input into a computer system)
  • Gross wages earned during the period covered by the stub
  • Amounts withheld for federal income tax, state income tax and FICA (Social Security) taxes
  • Amounts withheld for health insurance premiums, if any
  • Net wages (gross pay minus all deductions)
  • Amounts withheld for other taxes, such as state disability insurance or a retirement plan
  • Amounts withheld for 401(k) or other retirement plan contributions, if any Net wages after deductions and taxes (gross pay minus all deductions less taxes withheld)

What Is Included on a Pay Stub?

Online Paystub Generators

If all this sounds complicated and time consuming, there’s an easier way. All you have to do is visit an online paystub generator. These websites allow you to create a paystub in just a few minutes. You simply provide your employer’s name and address, as well as the number of paychecks you received during the period covered by your stub. The generator then provides all the information needed to produce an accurate paystub.

The generator will even create an email version of your paystub that you can send to yourself. You can then attach this document to your tax return when you file.

The paystub generator is a great tool for people who are new to the workforce. It’s also helpful if you need to look up information about your pay history, such as deductions and contributions.


The paystub generator is a valuable tool for anyone who needs to access their pay information. It’s also useful for employers who want to provide accurate records of employee earnings, as well as individuals who need to file taxes and need an accurate record of their income.

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