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What Is A Certified Birth Certificate?

What Is A Certified Birth Certificate?

It is very important to have a copy of a certified birth certificate. It is the only way to get a license, to get a passport, to get married, etc. A birth certificate proves to the government that you are not an illegal alien, which is very important nowadays. In a time when people are scared of terrorism and illegal aliens, being able to prove, without a doubt, that you are indeed a citizen of the country you say you are, is a big plus.

There are two different types of birth certificates: a certified birth certificate, and an uncertified birth certificate. While both of these will have similar information, only one will be usable in most government situations, like getting a license. How do you tell if the copy you have is a certified copy? It is really very easy.

What Is A Certified Birth Certificate?

All certified copies in Dallas, Texas have an apostille. They have been signed by either the state registrar or town clerk, and most are in color. They will obtain information about your birth name, your father’s name, your mother’s maiden name, the town you were born in, the time and day you were born, and the doctor that attended your birth. Getting an apostille in Dallas is easy if you hire the apostille services, and not that easy if you want to get it on your own.

In some places, though, birth certificates are considered private records, so you need to be authorized to get a copy. You must either be the person on the birth certificate, the spouse of the person, the parent of the person, a sibling of the person, a child of the person, or a grandparent of the person. If anybody else wants access to the certificate, they need to have written authorization by the person named on the certificate before the clerk will allow the information to leave the office.

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