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What Are Knife Blanks?

What Are Knife Blanks?

Knife blanks are available in many different styles, materials and prices. They are made by companies that do not make complete knives, but instead sell the blanks to other manufacturers. The purpose of a blank is to provide people with a base for constructing their own knives.

Blank Knife Construction

Knife blades are made from different types of steel and have different finishes. By choosing the best blank, such as the Brusletto knivblader, for your needs, you can create a knife that looks like it came from a custom knife maker at a fraction of the cost.

Many knife makers do not have sophisticated equipment to make the knife blades but have the ability to make and finish the handles. These knife blade blanks provide people without special tools with a way to make knives using the blanks.

What Are Knife Blanks?

Materials Used in Blanks

A variety of materials are used for making knife blanks including carbon steel, stainless steel and high carbon tool steel. Each material has its own unique characteristics including hardness, strength and durability that affect how well it works with different blade designs and styles.

There are many different kinds of steel that can be used for knife blades. The most common type is 440C stainless steel, but there are others like ATS-34 and D2 tool steel that are also used frequently.

For the average person who doesn’t have access to sophisticated equipment for making knives, buying a knife blade blank is a good way to get started making knives at home.

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