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How Can InventHelp Assist Inventors with Patent Protection?

How Can InventHelp Assist Inventors with Patent Protection?

As an inventor, you may have come up with an idea that can revolutionize a certain industry, or perhaps make a significant difference in everyday lives. But this innovative invention could become a nightmare if it falls into the wrong hands. How can you protect your intellectual property? This is where patent protection comes in, and more importantly, where InventHelp can offer guidance and assistance.

Patent Protection

Before we delve into how InventHelp can help, it’s vital to understand what patent protection is. A patent is a legal protection for inventions, granted by the country’s patent office. It gives the patent holder the exclusive right to prevent others from making, using, selling, or distributing the patented invention without their consent. This protection usually lasts for up to 20 years from the date of patent application.

Introduction to InventHelp

InventHelp is a leading inventor service company in the US, established in 1984. Their goal is to assist inventors in bringing their ideas to market by offering a wide range of services, including patent referral services. Whether you’re a seasoned inventor or a first-timer, InventHelp can provide you with the necessary services and resources to protect your invention. Let’s see how InventHelp can assist new inventors with the patent protection process.

How Can InventHelp Assist Inventors with Patent Protection?

How InventHelp Facilitates Patent Protection

Provisional Patent Application Assistance

If you need more time to prepare for a non-provisional patent application, InventHelp can also assist in applying for a provisional patent application (PPA). This secures your patent pending status for one year, allowing you to further develop your invention or assess its marketability before fully committing to the non-provisional patent application process.

Patent Services

InventHelp offers a full range of patent services. Whether you’re an experienced inventor or just starting out, InventHelp provides the resources and expertise you need to protect your invention.

3D Prototype Modeling

A well-designed prototype can boost your chances of obtaining a patent. InventHelp can help with developing a 3D prototype model of your invention and provides you with a demonstration video, offering patent examiners a clear understanding of how your invention works.

What types of inventions can InventHelp assist with? InventHelp can help with any type of invention. Whether it’s a new technology, product or process, InventHelp has the tools and expertise to get your idea off the ground. With over 30 years of experience assisting inventors, InventHelp is one of the most trusted names in patent services.


Patent protection is crucial for inventors to protect their intellectual property and benefit from their effort and creativity. InventHelp, with its range of services catered to inventors, serves as an effective ally in navigating the complex patent process. Even so, remember obtaining a patent is a substantial and complex task that comes with no guarantee.

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