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Grooming Matted Dogs 

Grooming Matted Dogs 

A few matts here and there are to be expected from time to time, but every once in a while dog matts can get out of hand and it takes a professional to deal with them. Professional dog grooming facility in Boca Raton offers a relaxing, and most important, pain free de-matting grooming experience for your dog. If your precious puppy is severely matted, they can offer you “shave down” service. By using the longest length blade they can penetrate the matts and bring your dogs coat back under control.

If you’d prefer not to go this route, another option is for you to comb out the matts, paying particular attention to the stomach, underarms and behind ears, before dog grooming Boca Raton professionals arrive for your dog’s mobile grooming. Just remember, it is more humane to cut down the coat and start all over again than to de-matt a heavily matted coat. To address future matting be sure to decrease the time between grooming appointments and/or choosing for a different coat style.

Grooming Matted Dogs 

Do you have a dog that gets really nervous before grooming? Try these techniques to get your dog ready for its next grooming appointment.

Getting Your Dog Used to Being Groomed

Does your dog get nervous when it comes time for a grooming session? Dog owners the world over can benefit from some sound advice from veteran trainers and doggie parents on how to get their pet comfortable with the process of going to the groomers. So how can you get your pet ready for grooming?

Nail Clipping Training

Some dogs get very paw shy when it comes time to trim their nails. Use some dog nail clippers to “pretend” you’re clipping their nails. Keep in mind that if your dog is really shy of having their nails clipped, you may have to break the procedure down to smaller steps.  Introduce treats into the mix to give your dog a trigger that clipping is a positive thing.

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